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Hello, I'm Astrid.
I was born on Halloween and I'm from Massachusetts. ♡

I am so darn tired! I am settled into my new place and sent letters out to my penpals recently with my new address and I’m yet to hear back from them. I woke up awfully early this morning but got to do some shopping and catch up with an old friend who made me a headdress out of fresh flowers and some roses from her garden. It’s beautiful and it smells amazing. I have taken so many pictures which I want to upload but I am just too tired tonight. I’m drinking some jasmine tea and dozing and blogging, and I can’t wait to curl up in bed and sleep for as long as I please. It’s great to be in the same town as my family again, but there’s no covens or any such thing like that for me to get involved in. I just need a witch boyfriend to create my own mischief with instead! Blessed be, and get in touch! ☆

View from home :)


Belated birthday celebrations at TGI Friday’s ☆

Halloween/Birthday cupcake from my pops! :)

I love her so much!

These are awesome! Halloween slime tarts!

I’m probably the only person in the world to feel like this, but long distance relationships actually appeal to me more than normal distance ones. I just love everything about them, and when they work out, they are so much more successful, I feel. I love the idea of talking on the phone in the evening whilst you have a bath or relax in bed and catch up with each other on how their day went. Sending texts with cute photos attached to them with messages like ‘I think you’d like this’ ‘I saw this and thought of you’ and even hopelessly romantic things like the rain running down a coffee shop window. I like the idea of writing each other letters to receive in the mail throughout the week, sweet love letters, little gifts inside, the odd newspaper clipping that looked interesting or a dried, pressed flower freshly picked at one point, for you. I like the idea of waking up early and getting the first coffee made from my favourite coffee shop before boarding a train and watching the world rush past me as I make my way to the person I love. I like feeling butterflies when I hear that the next stop is the one I need. Smiling hopelessly as you receive ‘I can’t wait’ texts whilst you’re on your way. That hello kiss, and the warm hug that follows and lasts a second longer than you expected. I like the idea of having your own space and the time that you get with that one person, a weekend, a week, however long, is much more concentrated and special; there’s always things to do and talk about, you’re always learning and growing with each other. The smell of their shirt and the warmth of their body in bed sends you into a soothing, deep sleep, which you don’t have on your own at home. Going home afterward, flicking through all the photos you took as you sit on that train and everything is slightly dull and mellow as you stretch further and further away from where you want to be, but knowing that there’s a phonecall once you’ve gotten into bed where you can plan it all over again and relive the beauty of it all. I just think it’s lovely, I really do. 

Lil’ elf shoes I got for Leonie! <3